The 8 Best Spirit Box Apps For Android And iPhone In 2023

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Spirit boxes are a popular type of device that is used to contact the spirit world. This blog post will review eight of the best and most effective apps for Android users in order to make contact with spirits. They are all very different, but they each have their own special features that can help you get what you need from them!

Spirit boxes are a fun way to communicate with the spirit world. They work by using radio frequencies and white noise to produce messages from the other side. You can now have your own spirit box on your phone with these 8 Android apps!

What Is A Spirit Box App

A spirit box is a device that works by using radio frequencies and white noise to produce messages from the other side. There are different types of apps for Android users, but they all have their own special features for getting what you need!


As I mentioned, spirit boxes are a fun way to communicate with the spirit world. These apps make it possible for you to have your own little device on your phone and easily get in contact with those that have passed on!

Spirit box apps are usually more interactive than the ones you might find on TV. They allow for customization and a range of different features, such as alarms, sounds, and voice recordings. Apps also have other variations like “ghost radar” or “spirit board”. This means that there is something to suit every level of paranormal experience!

Some spirit boxes can even be updated with their own databases which will help track down spirits in your area – but this feature needs an active internet connection and is best left at home where it’s safe. Other useful features include things like mood music or changing speeds to give yourself some added comfort during sessions.

Spirit boards are perfect if you’re looking for someone specific; just type in their name into the search and have fun! So if you’ve never experienced using a Spirit Box, it’s high time you grab your phone, go to your app store and download one of the spirit boxes that we’ve reviewed below!

8 Best Spirit Box Apps For Android In 2021

There are a lot of different spirit box apps available for Android users to choose from, so it can be hard to figure out which one is best. We’ve narrowed down the list and compiled our favorites in this article!

Best Spirit Box Apps for Android

1. SV-2 Spiritvox App

Many people prefer the SV-II SPIRITVOX APP because it offers a more realistic spirit talking experience. This app’s voice recognition is very responsive and can work even in noisy environments (think: nightclubs, coffee shops).

SV-2 SpiritVox

The only downside to this app is that you need an internet connection for it to work reliably. That’s why it’s best for a night at home.

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This app has a very cool feature that makes it the best choice for those who are really into their ghost hunting: The Spirits’ Voice is an interactive database of voices and noises. If you want to make sure your spirit box will be able to pick up on certain types of paranormal activity, this is the perfect app to use.

2. SGK-1 Ghost Hunting Kit App

This app is available for iOS and Android, so it’s a good choice if you have more than one device. It comes with a library of ghost hunting equipment to play around with such as recorders, infrared cameras, EMF meters, EVP recorders and much more! You can also use the built-in Ghost Hunter Kit toolkit to help you set up different ghost hunting scenarios.

SGK1 - Ghost Hunting Kit

The SGK-I GHOST HUNTING KIT App is available for iOS and Android, so it’s a great app if you have more than one device. It comes with a library of equipment that can be used in your spirit boxes such as recorders, infrared cameras, EMF meters, EVP recorders and much more! You can also use the built-in Ghost Hunter Kit toolkit to help you set up different situations when using your spirit box.

3. SONO X10 Apps

This is another great for Android users, and it’s actually one of the newer apps on this list. It offers a lot of different features that are perfect if you’re in need of something with a little more power behind it to make your spirit box detection experience as good as possible. For example, it will give you ambient sounds like animals rustling, or leaves blowing so you can see if those noises pick up any otherworldly activity when using your device!

Sono X10

The app also comes with an EMF detector toolkit which allows you to measure electromagnetic fields around devices such as TVs, radios and microwaves. And finally, there is even a built-in voice recorder that lets you hear what was captured during investigation sessions. This way you can decide whether or not to keep listening.

4. Ghost Hunting Tools

Ghost hunting tools apps are a great way to start your ghost hunting adventure. They’re inexpensive and they can be found on both Android Play Store and the App Store for iPhone devices!

Ghost Hunting Tools


You might want to use an app like Paranormal Tools which has over 600 reviews with an average of four stars, or you could go for something more flashy with Zombie Detector Pro!

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But there’s no need to stop at just one tool – augmented reality is all the rage these days so why not try out Spirit Camera? This camera application will allow you to interactively view spirits in your world using AR technology. You’ll never know where those ghosts may pop up next!

5. Ghost Detector – EM4 Sensor Radar for Pranks

One of the most popular apps, Ghost detector is based on an electromagnetic field sensor that monitors electromagnetic frequencies. The app will show an array of signals and noises that are picked up by your device’s microphone in real time. It can detect spirits from meters away with its sensitive equipment!

Ghost Detector

What’s great about this particular application is that it has a number of different settings so you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for. You could use it as a prank or maybe keep it handy during investigations? Either way, this spirit box app will allow you to interactively see ghosts in augmented reality right before your very eyes!

6. ECHOVOX System 3 Professional ITC

The Echovox System III is a professional grade spirit box from the renowned ITC specialist, David Thompson.


The system has been designed to provide maximum audio output for EVP recordings and clear communication with spirits in all environments – indoors or out!

7. Spirit Box Lite

Spirit Box Lite is a free spirit communication app. It’s designed for one-to-one or group sessions and features all the standard functions you’d expect from this type of software, like recording, playback, and transcribing.

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Spirit Box Lite

The device also includes an EMF Meter to pick up electromagnetic fields around ghosts. Plus it has some nice extras such as automatic time stamping – meaning you can jump straight into the conversation without having to worry about remembering when each message was delivered!

8. Spirit Box Communicator Android Apps

The Spirit Box Communicator Android App offers a great way to play back from the device, and is also available on Windows Phone. The app lets you record messages, set alarms for each message as well as synchronize with your phone’s clock so that recordings are time stamped!

Spirit Box Communicator

This spirit box iphone apps offer an easy-to-use interface which makes it possible to search through all of the recorded data in seconds without having to go into folders or subfolders – just tap on the right side of the screen where there is “Search” written and start typing what you want then press enter. There is also an option called “Backup Database Online”, but this will need active internet connection. Perhaps best used at home, using a tablet or laptop.

I also came across this spirit box iphone app which allows recordings to be uploaded and played back on the website itself, so it doesn’t matter whether you are at home or away – just connect your phone to wi-fi then upload! This is perfect for those who want to share their thoughts with others in an instant.

Final Words

Apps can be an invaluable companion when you’re exploring the paranormal, and they have a lot of neat features that are great for beginners. They offer many different variations ranging from ghost radar to spirit boards which help make it easy enough for everyone – even those who don’t know anything about spirits! So don’t wait up & download a spirit box app! Have fun!

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