8 Best Sound Meter Apps For Android And iPhone In 2023

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Are you looking to measure the sound levels in your environment? If so, then consider downloading one of these 8 best sound meter apps for Android. Whether you need a free or paid app, there are plenty of options available that can be used with Android devices. So if you want to know how loud your environment is, take a look at this list and find an app that works for you!

The best sound meter apps for android are crucial for any project involving audio engineering, recording, or production. These apps can help you measure the sound levels in your environment and find out how much noise pollution you’re subjecting yourself to on a daily basis.

What Is A “Decibel Meter” Device?

A decibel meter is a device that measures the intensity (loudness) of sound. A person’s hearing threshold ranges from 0 dB to 120 dB, but human ears don’t perceive every increase in level as an equal step up in loudness. This means that there are differences among various types and brands of meters when it comes to setting their calibration points which can be worse if you’re dealing with different sources like instruments or vocals.

The best way to measure sounds accurately on your phone is by using a downloaded app because they offer more control for factors such as frequency response curve customizations and analog-to-digital conversion quality.

What Are The Uses Of Sound Meter Apps?

The most common use of sound meter apps is for calibrating audio equipment such as microphones. The most popular smartphone app, Sound Meter Pro, has a built-in calibration feature that helps to ensure the accuracy of measurements when used in place of traditional hardware decibel meters.

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Other uses include measuring noise levels and how loud an environment might be; checking out stereos or other devices with speakers where quality can vary from device to device; testing hearing at home by using it on your headphones (you’ll need earbuds if you don’t have them); and more! Furthermore, these apps can also provide you with advice on how to keep your ears safe.

8 Best Sound Meter Apps For Android Reviews

We have collected some apps with different uses of measuring ambient and loud sound levels – they include things like using them as simple digital conversion meters or even ones where the user needs to input the value. Here is a list of the best sound meter apps available for Android and iOS. Try them out!

Best Sound Meter Apps for Android

1. Decibel X – dB Sound Level Meter, Noise Detector     

The first app for our list is Decibel X. This sound meter, just as the name suggests, can measure any noise that you may want to find out about. It also has a decibel calculator so you know what your next step should be with this information!

Decibel X

Built-in professional tools like a sound level meter and an acoustic detector are perfect for helping people make informed decisions when it comes to their environment or even safety in some cases. You’ll be able to focus on how loud an area might be before deciding if it’s safe enough or not for work. The built-in library of sounds will give you more references than most other apps available too which makes this one worth checking out!

2. Sound Meter Android App

The Sound Meter is a really great app for understanding the world around you. If you’re going to have a big event in your area, like a concert or event where it’s important that people don’t get too close to speakers and stay safe, this app is perfect because with one click of a button on the screen all sound levels will be reported back to you so you know whether it’s okay for more people at risk from getting hurt!

Sound Meter

The measurements take only seconds and can be taken from up to 200 feet away thanks to the high sensitivity of these devices. You’ll also find noise level charts as well as doppler effect sounds which make this an even more interesting application than others out there. It’s easy once installed, just open it and press the button on the screen to take a reading.

3. Sound Meter PRO

Being an advanced version of the Sound Meter app, the best thing about this application is it will let you know whether there would be any risk involved with being closer to speakers or other similar things like power tools that emit high decibels of sound – it all depends on the environment where the measurement will be taken.

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Sound Meter PRO

Besides, you can use it to measure the volume of your music or just about anything else that emits sounds. Also, it will let you know if there is an impact on nearby people who could have their hearing damaged by high sound levels.

The interface of this app is really intuitive and easy to navigate. So, with Sound Meter Pro, you’ll always be able to count on accurate sound measurements without having to worry about how intricate everything might seem at first glance!

4. Sound Meter & Noise Detector

Sound Meter & Noise Detector is a great sound level meter app to use when you need to measure the noise levels in your environment.

This one can’t only be used for measurements, but also includes an alarm function that will notify you if the noise exceeds certain thresholds so it might not be ideal for longer-term monitoring of high sounds.

Sound Meter & Noise Detector

On top of this, there are some other handy features like a decibel chart and more! So check out Sound Meter & Noise Detector now on Google Play Store or iTunes App store.

5. SPL Meter

You can use this app to measure the sound pressure level, but it also has a lot of other features. It includes an alarm that you can set for any noise threshold and even one for when your phone is low on battery.

SPL Meter

There are also different measurement modes – like SPL dB or dBA – which allow greater precision if needed (though most users will find they only need one in general). And being able to take measurements outdoors as well as indoors means you’ll be prepared no matter where your work takes you!

6. Decibel Meter

This one is quite straightforward and easy to use. You can measure the sound level in dB, set a range of tolerance (i.e. the extent of your preferred sound range), and even see what type of noise you’re hearing on an oscilloscope-like display!

Decibel Meter

It’s perfect for all the different types of work that involve measuring sound levels like construction workers, DJs, or musicians. So don’t wait & download this amazing app right away!

7. Sound Meter – Noise Detector

Sound Meter – Noise Detector is a great app for controlling noise by measuring levels in dB. You can also set the sound sensitivity to adjust how much quieter or louder you want to measure, so it’s really easy to use! For example, if there are loud noises like construction work going on outside your office window and you need to get some work done, this will help calm down the background noise level.

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Sound Meter – Noise Detector

Unfortunately, though, Sound Meter – Noise Detector does not allow any analysis of audio files from within the app itself as far as editing goes (such as removing all frequencies except x) which would be nice because then we could export those edited sounds into another program. However, I still think that’s pretty cool because most sound meter apps for android don’t have that feature.

So, if you’re looking to measure sound levels in dB or need a simple tool to keep yourself from being distracted by background noise like construction work going on outside your office window then Sound Meter – Noise Detector is probably the best app available right now!

8. Sound Meter HQ PRO

Sound Meter HQ PRO is a more advanced sound meter app for android which has many different features and can measure noise levels from -90.00 to 110dB in real-time as well as over historic data, frequency analysis (analyzing the amplitude of frequencies), history meters (the current level versus previous maximums), configurable alerts when desired dB levels are met or exceeded, measurement units in metric or imperial systems, and an alarm toggle so you don’t have to constantly be monitoring it.

Sound Meter HQ PRO

The only downside I noticed with this particular one was that sometimes it would take up too much processing power on my phone if there were other apps open at once but that’s not really its fault because CPU usage increases regardless of whether Sound Meter HQ PRO is open or not.

How To Use Sound Meter App

Sound meter apps enable you to measure noise levels in decibels. These sound meters are an excellent tool for those who work with machinery or manufacturing, musicians and professional audio engineers, and even DIY home crafters.

There is a wide variety of sound level measurement apps available on the Google Play store that can be downloaded onto your Android device without any hassle at all. All it takes is a few quick taps to install one of these sound meters on your phone then you’re ready to go!

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Some of my personal favorites include Sound Meter HQ PRO because I enjoy being able to view historic data from previous measurements as well as configuring alerts when desired dB levels have been met or exceeded. However, if there’s ever a need to measure the dB level of a large group or crowd, I find that Spectrum Analyzer Pro is my best bet.

The sound meters available on Android cover all types and uses for people in different industries. They make it possible to monitor noise levels throughout your day without having to break away from what you’re doing just to see if they are exceeding safety guidelines. If you have yet to download any of these apps into your phone, today would be an excellent time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our website is not all about just suggesting the best apps & providing the download links but also about providing related information. Here are some common questions you usually ask about sound meters—

What are the types of sound meters available on Android?

One type is a basic level, which displays numerical levels from 0 to 130 dB. Another provides an alarm as well but only shows values up to 85dB. There’s also one that has both features and can read measurements until 115dB.

Why does the measurement not go higher than 115db?

While there are some “professional” applications out there that will measure sounds more than 140 dB, those devices require calibration before use-meaning they’re expensive and complicated! Our list includes only free or inexpensive options with no need for specialized equipment. This means you can easily measure your environment-whether it’s the train station or construction site.

What are some limitations to sound meters on Android?

Some noise measuring apps require you to be in a certain location and cannot detect ambient noises outside of that space, so keep this in mind if you’re looking for something specific. There may also be an issue with battery life since testing often requires more power than usual.

Final Words

The sound meters available on Android & IOS cover all types and uses for people in different industries. They make it possible to monitor noise levels throughout your day without having to break away from what you’re doing just to see if they are exceeding safety guidelines. If you have yet to download any of these apps into your phone, today would be an excellent time!

So, that is the end of this article about the best sound meter apps for android & IOS. It’s important not only that we know how much decibels (dB) a person can handle before their hearing becomes damaged but also when one should cease testing because they’ve reached the highest limit. Happy testing!

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