9 Best Piano Apps For Android and iOS 2023

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Are you looking for the best piano learning apps for Android? Confused to choose and don’t know which will be the perfect one for you? Then you are in the right place. We will share our knowledge with you on the best piano apps for Android. These apps have amazing technology-based features that will impress you instantly.

There are many beginner students who don’t have extra time to go to piano classes. Besides, many piano lovers have a fascination to learn how to play it easily. These apps will help all of you in this matter. You can use the apps without any difficulty. And there is an opportunity to learn music according to your choice. It will give you an open opportunity to explore yourself online.

9 Best Piano Apps from Android reviews 2021

We also have the fascination of learning to play the Piano. So we have noted down some apps related to this. In this list, we will pick the top 9 best piano apps for Androids. So what are we talking about? Let’s get into it right now.


1. PerfectPiano

This app is an amazing piano simulator which is designed for Android phones or tablets. If you are a beginner and looking for a suitable piano app for you, Perfect Piano should be your first choice. It has been created with really a genuine piano timbre. It has fantastic features that will impress you. You will find these features beneficial while learning with this app.

1 Perfect Piano

This app will help you to learn with its whole system of features. It has an intelligent keyboard where you will find different types of modes, multiple sound effects, and so on. You will learn to play in a different guidance pattern. You can get your music scores that really helps to progress. You can enjoy playing piano with players anywhere in the world.

PerfectPiano Features:

  • Different modes, 88-key piano keyboard, an audio recording of MIDI, and ACC all these are part of the intelligent keyboard.
  • It has left and right-hand setup mode and two types of adjustments like speed and difficulty.
  • One can create a tiny piano widget on the home screen. It won’t need to open the app to play music with the app.

2. Magic Piano

It’s an amazing piano rhythm game. While playing, it will help to relax your soul with the beautiful music of the Piano. You will find different kinds of genres here. Most popular and featured songs are available here. You can select any of these and play with learning. You can find an option in the main menu to create your own music.

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2 Magic Piano by Smule

Magic piano gives you a beautiful environment to play your favorite songs. It’s a fantastic moment to learn with your own spin and sound amazing every time. You will find proper guidance here. You have a chance to set fingertips to the correct note. This app will help to control notes and keep the rhythm. It is a platform that helps you to express your creativity to shine.

Magic Piano Features:

  • About 1000+ hits added daily has an adjustable difficulty level. It has the option of recreating the music and plays with featured artists’ vocals.
  • The option of picking up and playing effortlessly. Scope to connect to the world through music and the opportunity to share performances.
  • It provides scope to play favorite songs with the player’s own spin.

3. My Piano

There are numerous best apps for learning Piano in Android, and My Piano app is one of them. It provides so many suitable features, and it is a great virtual piano keyboard. Each key makes a clean, crisp sound with amazing rhythm. Anyone who has a fascination and who wants a studio-quality sound can use this app.

3 My Piano

This app has various features that grab the attention of users. You will find different types of instruments, sound effects, and octaves also. You can record your performance with a performance recorder. Using this marvelous app is not an issue. You can easily install it on your phone or tablet and go through the amazing features.

My Piano Features:

  • A virtual keyboard with numerous features such as six sound effects, twelve instruments, and one to six octaves.
  • Provides studio-quality sound, pitch bend, key pressure, and MIDI support option. Each key makes a clean sound.
  • Sampler features are also a great part of additional instruments. It helps to spend time impressively.

4. Online Pianist

OnlinePianist is a beautiful way to learn Piano with favorite songs. It is suitable for any Android device. And it’s easy to get from the app store. You will love all the features of it. Many piano lessons for popular song are available here. It gives you useful fingertips and so on.

4 OnlinePianist

Here are both beginner and pro-level lessons. You can get a personal songbook in order to collect your favorite songs. You can access piano lessons anytime from any kind of Android device. This app is perfect for being a better pianist. Who knows the basics to play Piano and want to be a teacher, this app is very helpful for them.

Online Pianist Features:

  • Has about thousands of piano lessons for popular songs, helpful for beginners and pro-level players.
  • Proper guidance for fingertips, teach piano pedals, and so on. It’s an experience with full learning.
  • Has single or double-handed playing option, chords, adjustable metronome tempo. Easy to get and free on all Android.

5. Free Learning Piano

This Android app is perfect for improving your skills. Anybody who is a piano music lover will find this app helpful. You can play this music game with an endless variety of songs. It will allow you to learn new songs and perfect your favorites. You can share your performance on social media. You also can challenge your friends to play with you.

5 Piano

This app has delightful features for piano players. You will find the most famous and popular songs from the list. You can select any of these and learn with fingertips. It really helps to spend time with amazing lessons. You will get fantastic and real piano sounds. Numerous hit songs added by time. It will show you your performance score, and you will get feedback also.

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Learning Piano Features:

  • It sounds like a real Piano, provides rich content, and the game has an adjustable difficulty level.
  • Helps to learn new songs and improve music skills, options to play with backing vocals and instruments.
  • A fabulous platform to learn and be professional, really very beneficial for any kind of player.

6. Free Piano

This app is one of the best free music games to learn to play the Piano. Not only kids but also adults like this the most. If you are a piano music lover and trying to find the best app to learn, this is the best option for you. Install in on your Android and improve your skills.

6 Free Piano

There are many songs available. It’s like over 80 songs. Here is also a ” follow me play” guide by which you can learn those songs. If you follow all the guidelines, you can keep a rhythm and will learn to play those songs one by one. You can learn by playing all the chords and with amazing sound quality.

Free Piano Features:

  • Friendly app for kids and adults, easy lessons to follow, helps to maintain rhythm and amazing guidelines.
  • Easy to get, free music game, fantastic sounds, and also full multi-touch support.
  • List of various top songs helps to learn new songs instantly, helps to improve music skills, both kids and adults.

7. OnlinePianist: Piano Tutorial

OnlinePianist is another amazing app to learn piano songs. It’s a suitable and perfect app to learn lessons with a teacher. One can learn from basics to the pro level. A player can also improve while learning to play Piano. It will give the opportunity to progress with amazing features. Updated classical and popular songs are available here.

Virtual Piano has amazing learning features. The app has fantastic music collections. You will be able to practice your favorite songs from the list. Any piano student or teacher can find this app very useful for them. Unique features are always helpful in learning piano lessons. Different modes and keyboards play a significant role while playing.

OnlinePianist Features:

  • Individually hand practice, adjustment of speed. Every song has a pro and beginner lessons version, options for fingertips.
  • Notes of synthesis on display, simulation of the pedal, letter notes of the keyboard, transposition of the key.
  • Progression of chords, about the 88-key piano keyboard. It has different types of segmentation; subscription service is auto-renewing and annual also.

8. Rubycell Pianist

There are some of the best piano apps, and this is one of them. This free version is available for all kinds of Android. You will not need to follow all the foxed instructions forcibly. It gives you the opportunity to play at your own speed. You can control your speed, and it won’t need any configuration message. All will depend on your mood as well as a performance style.

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7 OnlinePianist

This magic piano game has various studio-quality sounds. There are also unlimited expendable instruments, and numerous songs are available to play. You can play comfortably with real music notes. It is helpful to become a good pianist and a virtual piano player. The magic tiles game mode helps to improve your timing sense .

Rubycell Features:

  • About 88-key piano keyboard, adjustment option for keyboard. It has various sound effects and the option of sharing the recorded file with others.
  • There are magic keys and magic tiles mini-games options. It has sheet page options to learn music notes, multiple touch screen support options.
  • Easy to get, easy to learn with different modes, easy to play without any practice.

9. Gismart Real Piano

Real Piano by Gismart is an amazing app with virtual musical instruments. It will help you to learn music notes and uses of chords for free. From a list of instruments, you can choose sounds. You can convert the sound in different music. You will learn to keep rhythm properly. Here is an option to share your performance on social networks.

9 Piano Free

You can enjoy mini-games or while playing the Piano with any lessons. The white and black keys will help you to improve your sense of tempo. It’s a fantastic way of learning and exploring you. You can become a better pianist by using this app.

Gismart Real Features:

  • Various musical instruments and piano keyboards. Here is a scrollable keyboard, free version of piano songs, HD version.
  • This app has an amazing studio-quality sound and classic and popular piano songs. It has features of recording and sharing performances. Learning chords is a lot more easy with this.
  • Options of choosing songs, convertible options of music, enjoyable learning without any lessons.


Which is better: Yousician or Simply Piano?

Yousician lacks content, a bit more expensive without giving benefits of features. On the other hand, Simply Piano has beneficial features that will keep a flow of playing. So while learning, if you want proper instructions, lessons, and songs, you should go for Simply Piano.

How can I learn Piano on Android?

Different piano learning applications are available for Android. By using these apps, you can learn from the basics to advanced levels. We can recommend to you the most popular app, Simply Piano.

What is the best piano learning app?

The answer is Simply Piano by JoyTunes because Simply Piano is an easy and fast way to learn Piano. It is always the first choice of both beginner and advanced learners. It is considered as one of the best apps of Google Play of 2020.


For playing Piano, we don’t need a piano of our own. Piano learning apps have made learning more easier than before. Now we can easily download any app on Android. These apps help beginners and advanced players to learn and improve their music skills.

We have given you a brief description of the nine best piano apps for Android. These are the best Android music apps for piano students and teachers also. We hope you will find our review helpful while choosing the best one for you.

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