9 Best Makeup Apps For iPhone and Android In 2023

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Are you looking for a reliable makeup app for your iPhone? Then read this content on best makeup apps for iPhone in 2021. Here you will get the overall information about these apps. With that help, you can easily choose the best makeup app for you. Read our article carefully to grasp the knowledge of all essential features.

Many makeup apps are available for iPhones. You will see various makeup apps with different features. That will help you to edit makeup to provide flawless selfies. With these makeup editing apps for iPhones, you can select your face-tone. You can brighten your teeth, change the hairstyle of your selfies. Now let’s dig out to discover more benefits of these apps.

9 Best Makeup Editing Apps For Iphone In 2021

Are you looking for the best makeup editing apps for iPhone? Then continue reading to get the best makeup app for your iPhone. Let’s find out which makeup editing app is suitable for your iPhone.


1. Selfie Editor

The first makeup editing app of our review is the selfie editor. You can change your eye color, facial impression, skin tone, and more by this app. Remove blemishes from your selfies from your iPhone. Selfie editor is one of the best apps for makeup photography iPhone. Want a flawless perfect selfie from your iPhone? Buy selfie editor to get superior quality pictures. Reshape your photo by touching the screen.

1 Selfie Editor Beauty Cam Plus

With teeth brightening features, it provides brighter teeth. It will increase your photo’s beauty. Take pimple and dark circles free even tone picture with the selfie editor app. It will offer you the best photo editing feature for your iPhone. You can get brighter and more prominent eyes with it. Buy its annual subscription to enjoy an entirely natural picture.

Why will you use this app for your iPhone?

  • Most reliable makeup editing tool that provides flawless and attractive selfies.
  • Get pimple, dark circles, and blemishes free clear selfies. And share them instantly on social media.
  • Reshape your photo by using the selfie editor to get a perfect size picture.

2. YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie Cam

The next makeup editing app from our list is youcam makeup magic selfie cam. The best makeup editing app that you can use on your selfie. Tap once to change your hair color by using a beauty filter. With youcam makeup app, reshape your face, nose to get new looks. Get a heart-winning smile with whiter teeth feature. The real-time makeover feature allows you to put on lipstick, eyelashes, and more.

2 YouCam Makeup

You can update to the premium version of this app. That offers more advanced photo editing features for its subscribers. You can enjoy different color hairstyle options, wrinkle-free, even tone face. Get face and nose reshaping features and more with youcam premium version. This makeover app allows you to do a beauty filter in real-time selfies. You can add a smile on your face with this makeup editing app.

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Why will you use this makeup editing app on your iPhone?

  • It provides real-time makeover features to get a natural-looking real-time photo.
  • You can add hair color, get bigger eyes, get even tone blemishes free face.
  • Share your real-time photo editing picture and videos on social media platforms.

3. Facetune: Selfie Editor

Do you want to have a look that can compete with the best looks in Hollywood? Use the facetune makeup editing app for your iPhone. It will provide you with the best selfies editing tools. With the facetune makeover app, you can change your hair color as well as a hairstyle. Reshape your jawbone to get the specific face size that you like most. You can change your nose shape with the facetune makeup editing app.

3 Facetune

Change your eye color, turn into bigger eyes with facetune eye editing tools. Refine your smile to get more attractive photos. You can get brighter teeth that will add a natural look to your smiles. Possibly one of the best apps for makeup photography iPhone. Get a high-quality fashion magazine like a portrait by using this makeup editing app. You can fill your bald patches to get even tone perfect looking pictures.

Why will you use this makeup editing app?

  • It will provide you a flawless perfect natural-looking selfie with a little touch-up.
  • Enjoy hair colors with different styles and add whiter teeth tone for a lively smile.
  • Use different makeup tools such as lipstick, eyelashes, eyeshadow, and more.

4. Perfect365: makeup editing app for iPhone

The next makeup editing app for iPhone is the perfect365. If you are looking for a free makeup editing app, then consider the perfect 365. It is one of the top-rated free makeup apps for iPhone. Try our perfect365 makeup tool to get a natural-looking bold picture. This app provides more than 20-makeup equipment to its users. With the help of different color features natural-looking, edit your image. That will help you to get flawless perfect selfies.

4 Facetune

Perfect365, the makeup editing app, offers various photo editing features. That ensures flawless picture quality with your iPhone. Get this app to produce flawless perfect pictures. With live beauty experts, get beauty tips for your spotless, even tone skin. This free makeup editing app offers optional perfect365 plus for its users. That will unlock each feature of this app. Enrich your photo with dark-circles, blemishes, and pimple-free face.

Why will you use this app for your iPhone?

  • It will provide you with a spotless even tone skin by using its enrich makeup tools collection.
  • Reshape your face into your favorite size and get blemishes free perfect pictures.
  • Upgrade to perfect365 plus to discover all features of this app. That will help you to get natural-looking selfies.

5. Photo Wonder

The next makeover editing app that we choose for you is photo wonder. One of the top pick five makeup apps in the play store. Enrich your photo by using real-time photo editing tools. With various beauty effects, get a natural-looking brighter face. It will provide you with whiter teeth, bigger eyes, and more. You can make slim design photos as well. Enhance your selfies with smart makeup editing tools.

5 Photo Wonder

Enjoy photo editing features cropping, rotating, and more with photo wonder. It offers various photo effects to ensure superior quality pictures. With three collaging modes, it allows its users to have their photo wall as they like. Photo Wonder, makeup editing app wins millions of hearts across the world. You can quickly get a flawless perfect picture to share with social media platforms. Enrich your photo albums by your best look photos.

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Why will you use this app on your iPhone?

  • Use blushes, eyeliner, eyelashes, lipstick, and more makeup tools to get beautiful pictures.
  • Get brighter, whiter, slimmer photos by using real-time makeover tools.
  • Decorate your picture with various decoration collections. It will provide you beautiful and flawless selfies.

6. Hairstyle Makeover

The next makeup editing app for your consideration is the hairstyle makeover. Add your favorite hairstyle by dropping it in your photo. With the makeover hairstyle app, get a natural-looking hairstyle. With various real hairstyle options, adjust the haircut that you like most. You can flur your hair by this hairstyle makeover app. Try our real hairstyle collection to get a perfect hairstyle that will match your face. Get this universal hairstyle makeover app to experience superior picture quality.

6 Hairstyle Makeover

You can enjoy up to 5-hairstyles to get a perfect look. With a hairstyle makeover app, you can use different hairstyles. You can also add mustaches and beards in your picture. That will help you to get a perfect hairstyle as you want. Upgrade to the premium version to get access to all features. A real hairstyle with a little touch of our experts will give you a natural look. Choose hairstyles from male/ female hairstyles according to your gender. Reshape your hairstyle to adjust with your face.

Why will you use this app on your iPhone?

  • Unique and real hairstyles with a little touch up from our experts, give you a perfect fit hairstyle.
  • From our in-app purchase feature, enjoy the vast collection of hairstyles. It will give you a perfect look.
  • Edit your hairstyle by cutting, blurring, changing sides, and more features.

7. Visage lab: airbrush photo & face

The next makeup editing app for your iPhone is the visage lab: airbrush photo & face. It will provide you a perfect selfie experience with its vast photo editing tools. Enhance your selfies by using a visage lab app and get a brighter even tone face. With beautification features, add whiter teeth to your selfie to get a perfect look. Enjoy various face makeup features like wrinkles removal, dark spots removal, and more. Get rid of all types of temporary imperfections from your selfies.

7 Visage

Reshape your photo by enlarging your eyes. You can also remove the red eyes. Use eye makeup from different eyelashes, eyeshadows, and more. That will give you beautiful eyes to enrich your pictures. With decorative effect features, add background effects on your selfie. It will offer a distinctive look to your photographs. Beautify all faces that are present in your picture. Share your photo on your social media platforms to get appreciations. Purchase in-app special features to enjoy flawless perfect selfies on your iPhone.

Why will you use this app on your iPhone?

  • It will provide you with a flawless natural-looking picture. That will enhance your selfies.
  • Reshape your picture, enlarge your eyes, and add background effects. It will enrich your images.
  • Buy an in-app subscription to unlock every makeup editing feature. That will help you to get a perfect look.

8. FaceApp – AI Face Editor

The next makeup editing app for your iPhone is the faceapp, all face editor. It offers magazine quality pictures for its users. Improve your photographs by using a faceapp selfie editor. Change your teeth color into whiter to get a heart-winning smile. Remove dark spots, acne marks, dark circles, and blemishes from your selfies. That will ensure the perfect and flawless selfies collection. Swipe gender to have fun. With various hairstyle features, choose your hairstyle that fits your face.

8 FaceApp

Faceapp selfie editor offers you age changing feature. That will change your age from adult to old or old to young. With lens blue filter feature, enhance your selfies. You can add a bright smile to your selfie. Change your background effect by using the faceapp background feature. You can upgrade your subscription into paid in-app subscription plans. Enjoy filters pro features by upgrading to the pro version. Improve your selfies to the magazine quality pictures with faceapp selfie editor.

Why will you use this app for your iPhone?

  • Enjoy magazine-like pictures by reshaping, enhancing your photos with faceapp selfie editor.
  • Change your hairstyle makeover to get a new look or swipe to change your gender to have fun.
  • Get a brighter face, larger eyes, and more photo editing features by using faceapp.

9. InstaBeauty: Makeup Camera

The last makeup editing app of our review is the instabeauty makeup camera. That provides you up to fifty makeover styles. With the Instabeauty makeup camera, you can enjoy more than 100 photo editing filters as well. Enrich your photo albums with your best quality selfies. With more than 12 beauty features, it provides the best real-time picture for its users. With five main features, the instabeauty app offers the best quality selfies. Use different makeup features to change eyebrows, face tone to capture flawless selfies.

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9 InstaBeauty

Easy to use makeup features, allows even the beginner to get a flawless selfie. With more than a 12-preset makeover feature, it ensures superior quality selfies. The beauty camera contains ten beauty features. It contains larger eyes filter, beautify your selfies. Try more than two hundred preset design styles with four different modes. That will ensure you get the best magazine-like pictures. Share your videos on social media platforms without any hesitation. We provide you beauty video feature that enhances your video quality on the go.

Why will you use this makeover app for your iPhone?

  • Enjoy five beauty features that will beautify your selfies to get magazine-like pictures.
  • Change face tone, and use different makeup tools to get a flawless perfect selfie.
  • Take many snaps from different angles. Then select the best pictures to enrich your photo albums.

Final Verdict

We hope you have read our content completely. Gather your knowledge about these makeup editing apps. Then compares them with their services to get the best one. We hope our article on 9-best makeup editing apps for iPhone in 2021 was helpful enough. Choose the best makeover app for your iPhone that will fulfill your demands.

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