Top 12 Best Countdown App For Android & iPhone Of 2023

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To keep the fluidity of our daily life we try to do all task in time or in a routine. But to make that easy there are lots of mobile apps that give the updates of our upcoming tasks and events that will notify us by a countdown. There are some of the best countdown apps for Android phones we can rely on. They will help you effectively track the number of days, minutes, or seconds left until your significant day.

We, as a whole, love to join an exceptional occasion or celebration with our loved ones. It is troublesome when any occasion date is conclusive—we as an entire beginning commencement for that occasion with various stunts. Opening to a unique event or celebration is exceptionally energizing for us, so we utilize different techniques to begin launch for a fantastic day. Here are some of the best countdown apps given below.

Top 12 countdown app for any android phone Reviews 2021

Apps are an essential part of the phone. They do many important tasks and reminders for us daily. But there are thousands of apps out there for every job. It is hard to understand and find out which one is the perfect one to choose. Here are some examples that give us a basic idea about some of the useful apps around us.


1. Countdown start

Countdown star is the ideal approach to commencement to and check up from the entirety of your preferred occasions.

1 Final Countdown - Widget

Commencement to birthday celebrations, occasions, an up and coming get-away, a wedding, the New Year, festivals, games, shows, and the sky is the limit.

Check up from commemorations, the day you were conceived, and other uncommon occasions previously.

Features and benefits:

Apart from the theme and add event some essential features are noticeable

Add anything: For any event, the user can add the date the way they want to. This app lets us choose which favorite activities to add.

Adjust time: we can easily adjust the exact time for any type of event. Just have to swipe and adjust the time and date whatever and however, we want to.

Customize display: It has the features of customizing the presentation of our own. We can set each wallpaper for each event if we want to.

2. Big day of our life

a simple yet one of the best countdown app for android. It is an astonishing basic approach totally how long until, how long, minutes, and seconds of an awesome day.

2 Big Days of Our Life Countdown

For example, wedding day, remembrance, the new year coming occasion, trip, show, recent developments, up and coming events, and all the vast days throughout our life.

It is an ideal occasion clock and updates application that permits you to effectively set updates and commencement for your exceptional day or occasion.

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Features and benefits:

Adding multiple features and full-screen live countdowns are some of the standard features of this application. But some other features make the form different than other ordinary apps.

Image and wallpaper: They are customizable. We can use the image from the album or default one, or we can use a clicked one to the background as well.

More alert count: Lots of apps do not have that. But this app can give up to 5 alerts for any important day.

Share features: it has the option to share the critical event with social media with the close one and friends.

3. Dream day Countdown

Dreamday is an application that causes us commencement to the days that issue, similar to birthday celebrations, occasions, memorials, or whatever other dates that are critical to you.

3 Dreamdays Countdown widgets

It includes a lovely structure and adaptable foundations for every occasion, which brings an exceptional look to the app.

While including an occasion, we can appoint a classification to it:

commemoration, birthday, event, school, or life. The user can likewise make a custom class.

Features and Benefits:

To make the app attractive, the app’s creator focuses on the graphics of the app to make the app more eye-catchy. But other features make the application more superior.

Customization: Probably the best reason that made this mobile app famous. Any sort of setting of any event can be customized.

Security/ Privacy: There aren’t many apps that give security, but this app does. It has the function that will allow the passcode protection to keep privacy.

Default system: Apart from other events, they have the options of 5 default categories, and they are Anniversaries, Birthdays, Holidays, Life, and school.

4. Children’s Countdown Timer

This is probably one of the best countdown apps for children made to make the children active and do any of their chores with fun.

4 Childrens Countdown Timer - Visual Timer For Kids

A fully COPPA compliant app with teaching techniques of getting dressed, sharing toys brushing teeth, and many more.

Overall this app is, without a doubt, the most trustworthy app for children and their parents.

Features and Benefits:

Either a small problem of hard problems, almost all types of issues cal be solved with this app.

Sound customizing: Browse the numerous great pictures with various sounds for each, or pick your image for the clock to uncover from your photo library to truly astound your youngster.

High-quality graphics and sounds: The designs and audio effects are of a high caliber in this application, implying that it is probably going to speak to kids and help them “purchase in” to the utilization expected by administering grown-ups.

Countdown option: One of the main focuses of this fantastic app. It allows a child to work any assigned task within a time table.

5. Exam Countdown Lite

We all know how important an exam is in our life. And to make that correct, we have the best option to make the exam date counting with this beautiful app.

This might be the best countdown app for the students, especially those who strive and struggle for exams.

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5 Exam Countdown Lite

Preferably for the students, it helps us to keep us the updates about the upcoming or near future exam so that the student can be prepared 100 percent.

Features and Benefits:

From the name, we can understand how useful this app can be for a student. Check these essential elements that will allow us to understand the importance of this app.

Colorful Theme: The colorful theme helps us mark the exam differently so that it will be easily identified.

Add notes: For any critical issues, add notes are essential. The same goes for this app also. Adding notes through this app allows the vital aspect of the upcoming exams

6. WeTales

Very few people would have thought about an app about relationships, togetherness, and marriages. But there is probably the best android countdown app we can choose.

This application is for giving a delightful beginning for your wedding or occasion. A perfect product for going to be happily married couples.

6 WeTales - WeddingTales

Presently a day, people are searching for not used to ways, “Something new and extraordinary” to make their occasion additionally appealing. tales make us rich greeting in a particular manner.

Features and Benefits:

Most people are concern atalesivacy when it comes to sensitive issues like weddings. But here are some other features given below;

Reminder: It has a reminder of program booking and the pre and events.

Guest Management: How many guests will be there, or what kind of place should we have to book for this fantastic app that can also help the guest.

Photo collection and sharing: It has the function to group a considerable number or wedding photos and shares them whenever necessary.

7. Event Countdown Lite

A simple, easy yet quite popular countdown app that people of all ages can use.

Occasion countdown is a free, delightfully straightforward commencement clock and updates application for the significant dates and occasions throughout our life.

7 Event Countdown Lite - Countdown Timer & Reminder

Apart from national holidays, it has also been considered as one of the best Christmas android apps.

Features and Benefits:

Choosing a desirable event is the original features of this app. But here are some other features.

Event sharing: Not only work as a reminder, but this version of the app allows us to share a memorable moment with friends and families via social media.

Exact count down: It gives the correct time table of any event we are waiting for. This is the count up or down to the number of years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Storage system: The event storage system of this app is fantastic. It stores all the individual or upcoming dates of the event in one particular place.

8. Final Countdown-Widget

A free one of the kind live advanced clock to include criticalness, energy, schedule updates, and positive speculation to our life. Add gadgets legitimately to our home screen as a foundation.

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8 Final Countdown - Widget

Commencement to occasions that we have been anticipating like Birthday celebrations, New Year, Get-away, Occasion, Wedding, Tribute.

You only live once (YOLO), so let just put a clock on our life and start living with reason each day. A free one of the kind lives automated watch to include criticalness, energy, schedule updates, and specific deduction to our life.

Features and benefits:

Here are some exciting features of this app given below:

Live option: Not many app or phone has this option, but this app has the opportunity to see a live countdown from Web View on Mobile, Desktop, and Smart TV.

Share moments: The sharing countdown moments allow the other people to join with us through social media.

Widget skin: It has the customizable skins that design our widget skins.

9. Vacation Countdown App

People are always excited about vacations, and for that, we probably have the best countdown app for anyone who wants to go on a vacation.

9 Vacation Countdown App

It has numerous highlights like you can set your preferred foundation subject from many energizing, and it likewise incorporates some of Delightful Foundation photos.

We can likewise pick our preferred commencement style, and to remind us of our get-away fundamentals, this application additionally has a pressing get-away agenda. This application has get-away games as well.

Features and Benefits:

We can get free updates of upcoming vacation events and offer without searching. But other features are too.

Gaming option: to bring some uniqueness and for fun, the app has some games to enjoy having some more fun even on vacation.

Reminder: Reminder is a must thing for any type of countdown app, so does this. It will let us know how close we are to start our desired vacation.

Sharing: The sharing option will allow us to create and share the same excitement and moments with the dearest one; also, it will enable us to join others with us in the adventure as well.

10. Countdown+ Calendar

Another perfect yet straightforward and popular app for android is Countdown+ Calendar.

Just like other similar apps, it gives us the chance to add and adjust a preferable theme based on the events or moments.

10 Countdown+ Widgets Calendar Lite

Countdown+ Calendar is anything but difficult to utilize and set up, lets you pick the units for the commencements from years to seconds, and offers open occasion settings for imparting to different clients.

Features and Benefits:

The primary function is auto-reminder, but there are more.

Full view mode: This mode is rare yet straightforward and fashionable also. We can see our commencements on one screen, or we can choose one to see it in full view.

All in one: In the same place, both calendar and Facebook events can be seen.

Set alert: Not a vacation app, but for occasions and exercises independently and pick the default ready time.

11. Christmas Countdown

If someone is looking for the best Christmas app, this is probably the best for all the Christmas lovers.

11 Christmas Countdown

As its name says, this application is devoted to bubbly Christmas beginnings. The app is brimming with adorable Christmas images, total with a snowman, reindeer, and Santa Clause Claus.

Checking down the rest of the time with this fun application in pulses, seconds, or dozes will make the weeks and days prompting Christmas fun and engaging.

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Features and benefits:

Without reading, we can say that it gives every second update about Christmas. But some mind-blowing features are there too.

The carols: It plays the all-time and everyone’s favorite Christmas carol during the moment the holiday starts.

Every moment counting: From year to seconds, it counts all the moments. Because we know how important and precious a Christmas moment is for all.

Santa Tracker: People either a kid or an adult always excited for Santa moments. Dreams of Santa Clause will go through our minds as he finishes his undertakings, paving the way to the last day.

12. Reminder and Countdown

Update and Commencement is a distinctive element of the rich application. It has a rich interface, which we can completely customize as per your inclinations.

12 Countdown Days App&Widget

The application offers many text styles and subjects for us to utilize. Either a corporate person or a housewife, this will work for all.

One of the features of Reminder and Countdown is that it mixes with long-range interpersonal communication applications, which permits us to impart our commencements to occasions to other people.

Features and Benefits:

Daily, it gives us the wake-up alarm to a significant appointment reminder too, but other important aspects are also there.

Simple Reminder: Even for a simple yet essential reminder, this app works pretty effectively. Like; having medicine, visit time, etc.

Fonts and theme customization: To make things easy, useful, and simple, this app allows us to set up or customize the options differently with all the fonts and themes.

Multiple alerts: For each activity, it has the option to choose different signals for different tasks.

Final words

So these are the best countdown Applications for Android, which will let us set commencement to any occasion and permit us to tweak our start. Countdown apps are like our companions that are always with us and helps us every moment. Even it reminds us if we forget something. I believe you all will like this article.

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