Top 9 Best Chat Room Apps For iPhone and Android (Lastest 2022)

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We live in such a world that is interconnected like never before. A few clicks on your chat room app, and it gets you connected to this virtual world. It is practically the doorway in our pocket. You hardly pass a day in which you do not need to use them. Now, as chat apps are there to make our life easy, at the same time, they come in a vast number.

They each provide different features and services. They all have their advantages and disadvantages in certain aspects. So, choosing any from those immense number of options can be tedious. Therefore let’s keep you from attaching more jumble to your phone and avoid the hassle altogether.

Let’s dive right in to check out the best chat room apps for iPhone and Android of recent times.

9 Best Chat Room Apps for iPhone and Android

There are so many such apps to choose from. That can be a little engulfing. So here are the 9 best apps for you in brief below,


1. Amino [Communities and Chats]

Do you like to share your great moments like a story? If so, then Amino could be the App for you. It lets you share the best parts of your life, experience, or interest like a tale. With almost 2.5 million users worldwide, it is the first choice in our list. You can create your own story and background sound to it, create art, or simply watch friends, and get inspired. You can write or read blogs if you like. Amino simply lets your imagination run wild.

1 Amino

The other cool part is you get to connect with people anonymously. From all around the world, it enables you to connect on a deeper level. You can create your community or join one that you like. On top of that, you can create competitions (like a singing competition), DIY projects and invite people to participate. And of course, you do it all with your personal, fresh, customizable profile.

Amino Features:

  • Amino lets you create stories, arts, blogs, and more.
  • It lets you connect or create communities with your customized profile or anonymously.
  • It also enables you to create polls, quizzes, competitions, invite others, and participate.

2. BAND [App for all groups]

Number two on our list for you is the App called Band. It’s a hidden gem that is gradually making its place with little less than half a million downloads. What is so special about this App, you ask? Well, listen up! As the name suggests, it merely lets you create your Band, team, group, or whatever you call it. Whether it is your sports team you are leading or project team from work that you are managing, Band is there for you.

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2 BAND - App for all groups

Band is also best for school groups, welfare groups, faith groups, or any group. You name it! It enables you to keep track or follow along with everything going on in your Band. You can also plan any event, organize it while keeping everybody in the loop. It provides you with all the support youBand got all covered ifo do so. Whether it is a Band that is related or it is similar to your family, a friend got it all covered.

BAND Features:

  • Band is best for anything that requires any kind of group involvement or activity.
  • It provides functions like quick notifications to groups, to-do lists, calendars, and more.
  • It is simple, clean, focused, and built to get the job done.

3. Discord [Friends, Communities, & Gaming]

Discord is an app that provides you with a new way of chat. With over 1.5 million users worldwide, it is easily one of the best chat room apps for Android. You can switch from your mobile device to your PC effortlessly. It’s a one-in-all app that lets you communicate with everyone very conveniently. You can create a custom server to get connected. This custom server lets you open text, voice, or video channels, making it extremely easy to communicate with.

3 Discord - Talk, Video Chat & Hangout with Friends

Discord is also an app for online gaming. Using the custom servers, you can enter into a game together with your friends. Then you can share videos, set plans for meetups, or even share each other’s screens too. Besides, it has an extensive library of emojis, GIFs, and reactions. That enables you to portray your mood precisely as you feel.

Discord Features:

  • Discord is an all-in-one social media and an app for gaming.
  • It provides a custom server & open channel that eliminates the need to call to connect.
  • It also provides VIP channels for special communication needs.

4. ICQ Instant Messenger

Are you someone who almost always likes to be online? Then ICQ is an app for you worth checking. It is specially built for people who live a very active social life. If that is the case, then ICQ can be your new favorite instant messenger. It is free, and it is fast. Whether it’s a call you are in with a friend or with a large group of friends or fans, ICQ connects it instantly. You can share photos, videos, and files without any compression.

4. ICQ Messenger

ICQ’s instant suggestion makes messaging easier and even faster. It suggests strikers as you write. You get ideas for the response, too, with ICQ’s intelligent analyzer. Besides, it is capable of converting your voice message to text. Moreover, there are different interest channels you can subscribe to and use bots to ease your communication more. Synchronization makes everything in your account available across all your devices. Likewise, it creates backup needless too.

ICQ Instant Features:

  • It provides instant messaging, voice, or group video calls.
  • It has an intelligent analyzer, bots that make messaging even easier.
  • ICQ also includes text to speech, fun animated masks, free nicknames, and more.

5. MeetMe [Chat & Meet New People]

At number five on our list, we have the App MeetMe. It gives you new ways of meeting new people. Not only can you have instant messaging, but it also lets you make video calls too. If you like to meet new people now and then, MeetMe is the App for you. With almost 1.5 million active downloads, MeetMe is a community of millions of people worldwide.

5 MeetMe

With all the essential features, what makes it stand out is its focus on getting you to meet people locally. So, you not only meet people from all around the world but also with people, especially those who live in your locality. It opens new ways of socializing. Therefore if these are the features that match with your interest, then you might give it a try.

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MeetMe Features:

  • It helps you connect, especially with the people around your locality.
  • MeetMe enables you to find people of the same interest group.
  • MeetMe has a live stream option and many more.

6. Telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular rising free chat room apps for iPhone and Android. It is amongst the apps that are available almost on all platforms. It is one of the fastest messaging apps on the market. With over 5.3 million downloads in Google play store alone, it made its place in the editor’s choice list. It supports creating chat groups that are as huge as up to two hundred thousand.

6 Telegram

Telegram has a robust, distributed network of data centers that never lets you lose your data while using it. In addition to that, you do not require any disk space for your files in your device, as Telegram stores those into the cloud for you. You can share photos, videos, and data regardless of their size and type. Besides its end to end encryption gives you top-notch security. Therefore, if you are looking for an app that is merely fast, free, secure with tons of other benefits, it might be worth your consideration. Lastly, it has a beautiful minimalist UI that makes it even more appealing.

Telegram Features:

  • Telegram is available on all major platforms; Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux.
  • It is fast, secure, and powerful with synchronization across all devices.
  • It provides powerful photo and video editing tools, unlimited file sharing, cloud storing, and more.

7. Viber Messenger [Messages, Group Chats & Calls]

Viber is another most used chat app on our list at number seven. It’s a free instant messaging and calling App with a staggering more than one billion users around the globe. With a stable data plan, it can be your mobile communication substitute anywhere in the world. You can make international calls free of cost and send text messages at the same time. With its desktop integration, it’s even more convenient.

7 Viber Messenger

Whereas making audio and video calls are completely free, you can also make low-cost landline calls with ViberOut. With ViberOut credit, you can make cheap calls to any non-Viber user or a mobile user locally and internationally. On the other hand, for gathering with friends and family, you can arrange a group chat of up to 250 members in Viber. When it comes to sharing, not only photos or videos, you can share any file regardless of the type. On top of that, it ensures you 100% privacy.

Viber Messenger Features:

  • It’s free, simple, fast, and secure with the best of its kind.
  • Unlimited text messaging, best quality voice, and video calling.
  • It lets you do very low-cost calls to landline and mobile users, locally or internationally.

8. Whisper

Whisper, the second last at our list, is one more great App to get to know new people. Are you tired of the typical overcrowded social media platforms? Also, with lots of distractions and interruptions all around? Are you looking for something rawer with simplicity and genuinely? Than Whisper is the App that might very well be worth a look. It is such an app that lets you find reality. It enables and helps you express your true self. At the same time, it allows you to connect to other people’s genuine authenticity.

8 Whisper

Whisper is such an online community that collectively creates the right environment for people. It enables you to share real thoughts and compassion. It is a place where you are most likely to find practical advice and inside scoop. Whisper is unlike any other major social network which is more moving and lovely with 30 million+ people from all over the world. It is such a platform that can redefine the way you look at our world.

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Whisper Features:

  • It lets you express yourself openly and honestly.
  • Whisper connects you with others who share your interests.
  • It provides options for creating video Whispers to better express yourself.

9. Zello [PTT Walkie Talkie]

The last and final chat app in our list is the Zello. Unlike any other apps in this list, it lets you turn your phone or other mobile devices in a walkie talkie. It also provides noticeably fast PTT (push to talk) radio service. It does not stop there but has the option to map hardware PTT buttons. You also get contact availability in this fantastic App.

9 Zello PTT Walkie Talkie

On an open channel on Zello, you can be connected more efficiently and effortlessly. You can check your voice history, and it provides you with a call alert too. Besides, it has a notification service, which makes it even more efficient. So, if you want to make a private contact or engage in a hot public debate, Zello is among the best options.

Zello Features:

  • It provides real-time streaming with high-quality sound
  • Zello offers public as well as private channels for up to a staggering 6000 users.
  • It has the option to map hardware PTT, Bluetooth headset support, and more.


For getting connected with your friends, family, and all, nothing can be more convenient than the best chat app. It enables you to get connected with just a few clicks. It also provides you the capability of sharing and caring. So, identify your needs and take a good look carefully at the list above.

Then depending on your particular needs, just pick the right one. Hopefully, our list of best chat room apps for iPhone and Android will come in handy. So, stay connected and stay close!

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