Top 8 Best Animation Apps For Android And iPhone In 2023

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Animation is one of the most popular and captivating forms of media, and there is a multitude of apps available to help you create your own animations on Android. There are many reasons why animation is so popular: it can be used for storytelling, education, marketing campaigns, or just for fun!

Whatever your reason may be, we have compiled a list of the 12 best animation apps that will make it easy for you to animate anything from an object to an entire world. Check out our list below!

Top 8 Best Animation Apps For Android

Best Animation Apps

There are many great tools on this list that will make creating any type of animation easy no matter what style you’re looking for! This post covers both free and paid apps that are worth downloading if you’re interested in animation and want to create the perfect short film.

When it comes to creating animations, there’s no limit to what you can do! Without wasting any more time, let’s check out these 8 incredible apps—

1. Toontastic

Toontastic is a great animation app if you want to build with other people. You can create storylines, make your own characters and backgrounds for free-form or choose from one of their predesigned sets that are already loaded on the site. It’s very easy to use and also has lots of tutorials online so it’s perfect for beginners!


At first glance, Toon Boom may seem like an expensive animation software but they offer many different features at various price points. There’s a lot more than just simple animations too: there are voice overs, editing tools, soundtracks – tons of little details that will help elevate any creative project you’re working on into something really special. If all you need is basic stop motion, you can use the free version of Toon Boom called “ToonBoom StoryBoard Pro.”

2. PicsArt Animator

PicsArt Animator is an app that you can use to create fun and easy animations. It’s so simple – all you have to do is pick a photo, combine it with another one of your photos to form the animation sequence, then just tap each frame on the timeline at which you want the animation to be played back in order.

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PicsArt Animator

PicsArt also includes a variety of features that let you add text, stickers, and objects to your animations. You can choose from tons of fonts, textures, colors, and patterns for any part of the animation that needs special treatment – like adding sound effects or giving your characters voices!

3. I Can Animate

I Can Animate App is another brilliant app with over 600 professional animations, backgrounds, and characters to make your project come alive with style. With I Can Animate’s “Timeline Editor” you can create sophisticated animated projects by adding keyframes (or frames) that control the start time, duration of the animation, and whether an object is visible or invisible at a particular moment in the animation sequence.

Can i animate

I Can Animate apps also allow you to import your own images and audio files, take photos, or record video straight from the app. You can even make a stop-motion animation that’s really fun to watch!

4. Animation Desk

This app comprises more than hundreds of pre-made animations, backgrounds, and characters. Also, it has a lot of built-in effects editor with filters to create custom looks for all your projects. Unlimited layers so you can add as many items as you need to tell the story!

Animation Desk

The Timeline editor lets you see a preview of your finished video before exporting it or publishing directly on Facebook, YouTube™, Vimeo®, Vine® or TwitterTM*. You don’t have to be an expert animator – just choose from our library of animated scenes like “Shootout” and “Bar Fight”.

No timeline editing is required because they’re already done for you! Add soundtracks from* royalty-free audio tracks available on Animation Desk apps with no extra cost! Export videos up to four times faster than in other apps with our multi-threaded rendering engine.

5. FlipaClip

FlipaClip is a stop motion animation app for android that lets you tell your stories with just one finger. It’s so easy, and the best part is no timeline editing is required! You can also add soundtracks, royalty-free audio tracks available at no cost from or other sources.

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Export videos up to four times faster than other apps with our multi-threaded rendering engine. Have fun animating on the go – make movies anywhere anytime! Flipaclips are perfect for kids and adults alike because there’s something in them for everyone! Add as many layers as you need to project your idea in whichever way it comes to mind – fast or slow motion, music or no music.

6. GIFMob

GIFMob is a social media platform that allows you to create, share and discover GIFs. You can also explore trending content from the best creators out there by category like sports, entertainment, etc. It has over 150 million GIFs available in its database so it’s pretty safe to say that if you’re looking for something specific or just want some inspiration all these animated pictures are at your disposal!


You can search through categories like Emotions which includes happy/smiling faces, sad/crying faces or even mixed emotions (full range of human expression). In Creativity, we have Animals & Creatures with everything from cats and dogs to dinosaurs and bugs – whatever floats your boat! Plus lots more fun categories with 100% original content.

7. RoughAnimator

This is a free and intuitive animation software for Android. It allows you to create animations with your device’s camera, or upload images from the gallery. You can also import video files recorded on the device or downloaded off of YouTube, Vimeo, etc., in order to animate them as well!


There are lots of fun features like stickers, sound clips, voice changer (or lip syncing), stop motion mode, and more that help make things interesting; but it has been designed specifically so even those without any experience can use this app at least once to get started.

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Plus there’s no need for an internet connection when using RoughAnimator which means you’ll be able to work offline too if needed – a great idea for times where wifi isn’t available.

8. Stick Nodes

Stick Nodes is a fun drawing app that lets you animate your work as soon as you’re done – perfect for animating drawings or doodles. The program uses touch to control the nodes on the screen, and with just one finger it’s easy to create complex animations in seconds!

Stick Nodes

With this tool there are no limits; all of the shapes can be easily transformed into anything else, giving users ultimate freedom when designing their own animations. One of its coolest features would have to be how many different styles of animation it has available, so whether you want something simple like an ink ribbon (where frame by frame images are drawn) or more dynamic like stop motion backgrounds, Stick Nodes caters for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we received about animation apps for Android. We’ll keep updating this segment so that you can get to know more about it. So let’s begin—

Which of these animation apps is the best?

It really depends on what kind of people you’re looking for. If you want something simple and easy to use, then Stick Nodes would be a good option; however, if you’re an artist that wants more control over their animations, there are other programs available with more features. But whatever your preference may be, all these animation apps have been designed to offer users a great experience!

What is the best 3D animation app for Android?

Stick Nodes is the best app if you want something simple and easy to use. But there are other apps with more features available, so it really comes down to what your individual preferences happen to be. All of these animation programs have been designed for a great experience in order to provide their users with exactly what they’re looking for!

What’s an example of an Android phone that has a good camera?

There are many different phones out there with different qualities, but one option might be Google Pixel XL  - which offers some pretty decent specs at about $850 per unit (USD). It includes 12MP rear-facing cameras as well as front-facing ones on both sides. And thanks to its full-screen display, you get a great view of your subject while shooting.

How do I make my video animating?

You’ll need to have access to some kind of an animation program in order to create animations. It’s not possible without one! Here are the best ones for Android users – just pick out whichever one suits you best and try it out!

Google Image Animation (Android)  - this is Google’s own app that allows for simple GIF creation as well as more complex sequences with layered images on top of each other. Users can also set delays between frames or add soundtracks from their computer if desired.


Animation is indeed a wonderful way to express your creativity and tell stories.  This article features the best animation apps for android that allow you to create animations of all different styles, whether it’s traditional stop motion or classic paper cutouts. Discover today!

What are some other ways we can help our readers? Let us know in the comments below.

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