5 Best Android Video Editing Apps (2023)

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If you are a video maker, then video editors are your best buddy. The video editor app for pc that you own might not work for your android. So, it’s necessary to have video editors that you can work within your android too. That way, you will be able to edit your videos anytime, anywhere.

If you want to know about Best Android Video Editing Apps, this article is for you. Here we will list the 5 best video editing app for android with their features, benefits, some FAQs, and our suggestion.

What are the Best Android Video Editing Apps in Your Android and PC?

Best Android Video Editing Apps

Just as we have mentioned before, the video editor you use in your PC might not work the best for your android. However, we have come up with a list of the 5 best video editing app for pc that will work fine in your android.

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1. KineMaster Video Editor for Android

KineMaster is a versatile video editing app that you can use in both your pc and android. It is known as the best video editing app for android for youtube as it provides multiple functions in its innovative design.

The KineMaster editor has several unique features that let you add creativity to your video and build it the way you want. Importing files to this app is super easy with its drag and drop feature.

Features and Benefits:

Some of the cool features and benefits of this app are:

  • Multiple Layers: You can process several layers of stickers, text, videos, images, effects, etc. at once.
  • Immediate Preview: The preview feature of the app lets you inspect your video after any changes you make.
  • Volume Control: Its volume control feature lets you set separate volumes for each moment in a clip.

2. Inshot Video Editor for Android

Think video editing is a time-consuming and difficult task? Try the Inshot video editor. It is the best video editing app for android that offers you tons of filters, stickers, etc. this app also helps shorten your video by video trimming and offers you other basic tools.

You can use this app for free or go for paid subscriptions. Its amazing features won’t disappoint you for sure.

Features and Benefits:

The benefits of using this editor are:

  • Quick Edit: This app lets you join together video clips, add text or music whenever you want. Its easy features enable you to edit videos quickly.
  • Necessary tools: The Inshot video editor has all the basic functions like adding filters, speed control, cropping, music selection, etc.
  • Perfect for Video Channels: You can reshape your video for different social media channels without having to edit separately. It also lets you edit short videos. Thus, it is best for video channels like YouTube, TikTok, etc.

3. VivaVideo Video Editor for Android

 VivaVideo is a fun video editor that is compatible with both beginners and pro video makers. Its outstanding features let you merge short clips, add filters, change video speed, and much more.

Having more than fifty million users worldwide, it is one of the most popular editing apps. It has a storyboard editing style that lets you create movies with pictures. It is the best video editing app for android for youtube.

Features and Benefits:

The awesome features of this app are:

  • Unique Editing Mode: Its storyboard edit mode lets you edit videos part by part. You can, thus, edit every part of the video differently.
  • Picture Edit: You can use this video editor for editing pictures too. You can also add pictures one after another and add music to create a movie.
  • Video Collage and Slideshow: This exceptional editor lets you collage several videos and also create slideshow with pictures.

4. VideoShow Video Editor for Android

VideoShow is the best video editing app for android without watermark – according to its 600 million users. It is an awesome app that lets you make videos, vlogs, memes, movies, slideshows, etc. It provides endless options to create your content.

This app provides you millions of options to create any type of content you want. This amazing editor will be your best friend for any creative ideas you have. It has a ton of user-friendly features like elaborate themes, a lot of music, different text styles, many filters, etc.

Features and Benefits:

There are many good points to using this editor, like:

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  • Edit Anything: You can use the same editor to create vlogs, slideshows, music videos, movies, funny clips, etc.
  • Video Enhancers: You can upgrade your video’s quality by changing the background, adding music or filters, or adding GIFs, etc. with this app.
  • Advanced Tools: Both professionals and beginners can use this editor to create content. Its advanced tools help professionals to use high-quality videos.

5. FilmoraGO Video Editor for Android

The FilmoraGo has been designed as a video editor app for pc and android, both. It is the best app for making Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube videos. It has a ton of templates and a huge collection of effects.

It has unique features to reverse videos, to save the edited video in your phone’s gallery, reshaping videos, etc.

Features and Benefits:

This futuristic video editor is sure to provide you the following advantages:

  • Many Free Features: You indeed need to pay for some of the features of this editor, but most of the cool features come free like video trimming, adding music, reshaping video, adding templates and transitions, etc.
  • Save or Upload: This app lets you save your edited videos in your phone for later use or upload the video directly to your social media.
  • Unique Features: It has many unusual features like reversing videos, make slow-motion videos, adding text and overlays, etc. This lets you create attractive content.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Which is the best video editing app for android?

When making a list for the best android video editors, FilmoraGO comes at the top. Other apps like VivaVideo, KineMaster are very good too.

✅ Which is the best free video editing app for android?

For android phones, apps like FilmoraGO, VivaVideo, VideoShow, etc. work best. They are free too.

✅ What is the best app for video editing?

Several apps like KineMaster, Inshot, VideoShow, etc. can be used to edit videos on your phone and android. They are some of the best video editors.


We have made a list of the five Best Android Video Editing Apps in this article. Choose the one that will meet your needs the most and that you think will give you an amazing experience.

Some apps let you unlock features with money, while others provide all for free. Again, you can upgrade your app from free use to subscriptions as well. Thus, you should choose one depending on your budget, expertise, and necessity.

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