Azar For PC | How to Use (Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac)

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Using the Azar app on Windows and Mac operating systems is no longer a hassle for PC users. With an android emulator, you can install and run the Azar app for PC app on your Mac or Windows computer. The Azar app download process is pretty straightforward. Simply download and launch an android emulator, and install the app from the emulator.

The app developers did not intend the Azar app for Windows or Mac PC. However, android emulators have made it possible. These Android emulators are of different types, but we will concentrate on the BlueStacks and Nox Player emulators.

Also, you will discover the straightforward process of installing and running the Azar app for PC on your Windows and Mac PC. We have included the BlueStacks and Nox Player download methods to guide you.

Can You Use Azar App for Your PC / Windows & Mac?

It is possible to use the Azar app on Windows or Mac PC. Just like every other android app and game, Azar can run on a Windows and Mac PC via an android emulator.

Azar for PC

With the emulator and following the systematic installation process, you can use the Azar app on your PC. Several types of these Android emulators exist, but we recommend BlueStacks and Nox Player.


App Name

 Azar–Video Chat

File Size

343.6 MB

Required Android

6.0 and above


100, 000, 000 +


Hyperconnect Inc.

App Rating

For 4+


24 January 2022

Current Version


About the Azar App

The Azar app is for video chatting, and it is fast enough to connect you with people worldwide. You can meet anybody in the app. The app allows you to have real video chat conversations and watch live videos anytime.

About the Azar App

You can also surf for potential matches on the lounge with the app. Hyperconnect Inc. developed the app for quick connections between users in different locations.

Features of the Azar App

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  • Video chat connection
  • LIVE connection participation
  • People discovered in LOUNGE
  • The app lets you show and personalize your interest
  • It has a learn more option

How to Download and Install the Azar App for Windows and Mac PC

To download, install, and run the Azar app for PC, you can use the BlueStacks emulator and Nox App Player for a seamless experience. There are two methods to use the emulator to download the app. There is the normal download method and the APK download method.

How to Download and Install the Azar App for Windows and Mac PC

1. Download via BlueStacks Emulator

The BlueStacks emulator is one of the oldest and nicest online. With the emulator, users can download and use almost every android app that does not support PCs.

Download via BlueStacks emulator

Simple steps for the normal download

Step 1: Before you download and run the Arlo app on your PC, you must download the BlueStacks emulator. Open and click on the download bar to download the emulator.

Step 2: When you have downloaded it, go to your download folder, find the app’s Exe file, and open it. Then, follow the instructions to install.

Step 3: Open the Google Play Store in the BlueStacks emulator and register it with your Google Account ID and password.

Step 4: Search for the Azar app via the Google Play Store. Then, click on the app and click on the download bar to download the app. 

Step 5: After downloading the Azar app, it will be on the list of apps you have downloaded. Enter the ‘My App’ option, select the video chat app, and launch it.

The APK download method

  • Step 1: From the browser on your PC, search for the Azar app APK file. Select a location to save it after downloading, click ‘Download’ to download the video chat app.
  • Step 2: Click on the menu bar in the BlueStacks emulator, and select ‘Upload.’ Select the file and upload it to the emulator. Then the video chat app will download to your emulator.
  • Step 3: Click on ‘My Apps’ and click on the Azar app to open it. When it opens, lunch the app.

2. Download using Nox Player

Nox App Player is an android emulator that allows users to download and run mobile applications on their PCs. The app is easy to use and easy to find too. Moreover, it is efficient and free.

Download using Nox Player

Simple steps to make the standard download

Step 1: Go to the official website of the App Player. When the site opens, click on download to download the Nox App Player.

Step 2: Enter your download folder, find the Exe file, open it, and follow the instructions to install the app. Next, open the app, accept the license agreement and start using the Nox App Player.

Step 3: Open Google Play in the App Player and register in it with your Google Account ID and password.

Step 4: With the Google Play Store, search for the Azar app. Then, click on the download bar to download the app.

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Step 5: After downloading the Azar app, go to ‘My App’ and select the app to use the app.

The APK download method

  • Step 1: Search for the APK file of the Azar app on your PC browser. Choose a location to save it after download, then click on the ‘Download’ bar to download it.
  • Step 2: After opening the Nox App player, click on the menu bar and click on ‘Upload.’ Select the file from where you saved it, then upload it to the App Player.
  • Step 3: Click on the ‘My Apps’ option, then choose the video chat app. Next, open the app and launch it.

Other Alternative Apps to the Azar App

1. Tango

The Tango app is one best places for video chat and going live. The app connects you to new people and lets you showcase your talent to the world. You can also earn online with the app.


2. Bermuda

The Bermuda app connects you to people randomly with just one swipe. You can make new friends with the app for business or other purposes. If people complain about your content, they can ban you.


3. Omega

Omega is a free video chat app. It connects users with random people worldwide and allows them to talk live. The platform also allows voice calls.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Azar free?

The Azar video chat app is free to use from anywhere in the world. You can connect with friends and random people, paying no charge.

Do girls use Azar?

The Azar app allows users to register regardless of their gender or personality. It also allows people to connect with people of different gender and personalities.

Who owns the Azar app?

Samuel Ahn is the founder of Azar. He created the app for people to meet foreign people online and make friends.


Meeting people from different countries around the world is now easier with Azar. Finally, the one app allows you to video chat with people you don’t know and make new friends.

The app is for mobile devices, and to use it on PCs, you need an android emulator. The android emulator makes the app run on PC smoothly.

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