How To Download Arlo App For PC – Windows and Mac

Arlo is one of the best smart security solutions available in the market that comes with a mobile app to operate. If you have Arlo as your security system in your house, you are protected on the go, wherever you are in the world. However, Arlo is developed for mobile platforms only and there are a lot of users who want to use it on their PC as well. In this article, I will guide you on how you can run your favorite Arlo app for PC, just like you do for your mobile.

Arlo for PC

Why you should use Arlo for PC

Arlo makes the security of your home or office to a whole new level as you can configure the app in several ways. The app connects to the cameras through the internet, they both combined to make sure that you are always protected. It can detect any kind of extra audio input it gets and alerts you at once. If there is an unusually loud noise in your home, it will notify you with an alarm in the app.

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These features make sure that your home or office is safe from any kind of break-in. The camera and the app will monitor the coverage area for 24/7 and keep you notified. The monitoring gets even easier when you are able to connect all the security cameras you have in your house. You can watch live footage from the cameras or you can just keep them on record to see later.

Key features of Arlo app

There are some pretty sick features that made the Arlo app is so popular, here are some of the best features you will have in Arlo app for Windows and Mac:

  • It can connect to multiple cameras, with a PC, the surveillance is even better. The video quality is pretty good as well on the feed.
  • It comes with an audio detection system that can detect unusual noise and alert you. It also uses a Motion alert system to alert you.
  • You can keep all the videos on the live feed and they are also can be recorded with audio at the same time if you want.
  • You can use the Arlo app for PC as a smart doorbell if you want. It will work with the camera and set it as a doorbell if needed.
  • You can use the app for setting up alarms if you see any strangers at your doorstep and you need to scare him away.

What are the features of the upcoming 2020?

There are some extra features has been announced for the Arlo app for PC, Here is a glimpse of those features in short:

  • The app will be faster than ever while connecting to multiple cameras at the same time.
  • The audio detection technology is now extended, you will be able to have clearer audio records.
  • The doorbell feature is now will be activated with the smart motion detector.

How To Download & Install Arlo App For PC – Windows and Mac

For those who use the Arlo app on their Phone, love to use it and now want to use the app on their PC, Here is how:

You will have to download an Android emulator for your Mac or PC that will allow you to run any mobile app including Arlo. As the best android emulators, download Bluestacks or Nox player for your PC to run Arlo. My personal choice is Bluestacks.

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  • Download the components first, Download Bluestacks and Arlo mobile app on your PC and put them on the desktop.
  • Now install Bluestacks on your PC and double click open up the Android environment.
  • Now to install Arlo, drag and drop the downloaded Arlo app onto the Bluestacks app, it will be installed on its own.
  • If you want to install the Arlo app directly on Bluestacks, Log in to your Google account using the Play store.
  • Search Arlo on Play Store, and install the app from there and you are good to go!
  • Once you are done installing the Arlo app, you can now use it just the way you use it on your Mobile.



Is the Arlo app free?

Arlo comes as a free trial, and when the trial gets expired then you need to proceed with the subscription.

How long does Arlo keep recordings?

After your 3-month tech support ends, you will have 7 days rolling recording service. It will keep storing the new recordings and wiping the previous once from 7 days behind.

Ho can Arlo app record continuously?

Yes, the app can record all the time using the CVR technology, it will record seamlessly to rewind any of your records.

Final Remarks

Arlo app for pc your home or office security system is the smartest solution you can ever have. It’s a great choice of using it especially if you have multiple camera setup and you need them all in one feed. Using the simple steps mentioned above, you can connect to all of your cameras at the same time with all the smart features.

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