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Almost every piece of information is right on the internet, and only certain persons get to access them privately and quickly. These people have the APUS Browser app on their devices. The app has several benefits that make its users stick to it. It is one best browsers you should choose if you want fast and secure browsing along with more features. APUS browser has your best interest in its options. Although the app is a smartphone app, you can download and use APUS Browser for PC using an emulator.

With the use of an android emulator, you can use virtually any android app on your PC. Continue reading this article to learn more about the APUS Browser and its features. Also, you will learn how to download and use the app through an android emulator.

Can You Use the Apus Browser App for Your Windows and Mac PC?

The APUS Browser app is an android app that you can also use on your iOS device. But, people who mostly work with their PC can get the APUS Browser app for Windows and Mac PCs. By following a few download steps, you can also use this app on your PC smoothly. The process involves having an emulator on your PC.

Apus Browser For PC


Name APUS Browser—Fast Private
Size 17M
Current version 3.1.5
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Developer APUS Browser Dev Team
Installs 10,000,000+
Updated June 18, 2021
Content rating For 3+

About APUS Browser for PC

The APUS Browser app is one best web browsers for Android devices. It is fast and private. You can surf the internet, download videos, games, pictures, and lose more with the app. There are over 10million people in the world that trust this web browser for all their downloads.

About APUS Browser for PC

Aside from downloading, you can also perform other internet activities like reading the latest news, entering private websites, and more. The app makes your internet activities private. You can surf the visited website for free with the app. The APUS Browser app got developed by the APUS Browser Dev Team, and since its inception, it has been beneficial to humans.

Features of the APUS Browser App

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  • Data saving: With this feature in the app, you can browse through pages without viewing a picture. This makes you use lesser data in the browser. Therefore, you are saving your data.
  • Night Mode: Your screen doesn’t always have to be white when you are browsing. This app has a night mode for you to protect your eyes when you browse.
  • News app: With the app, you can see the latest news.
  • Fast downloader: Videos download with the app with extra speed.
  • Multi-tab manager: The app lets you open different sites simultaneously but in different tabs.
  • Incognito browser: This has private browsing pages in the private browser.
  • Speed mode: This feature makes your browsing faster with no frozen page.

Several other features of the APUS Browser app attract users. The above listed are the key features of the app.

How to Download and Install APUS Browser for PC

Downloading APUS Browser for PC is effortless when you follow the steps carefully. Every step is important, as missing out on one might make the download process futile. You need an android emulator to carry out the download. So, we recommend BlueStacks emulator or Nox App Player to download the app.

How to Download and Install APUS Browser for PC

1. How to Download with BlueStacks

Many people trust the BlueStacks emulator to download android apps for PC. It is one of the best and the easy-to-find emulator.

How to download with BlueStacks

steps To Download Apus Browser using bluestacks Emulator

  • The first step is to download and open the BlueStacks emulator. To download the emulator, visit their official website with your PC browser.
  • Then, follow the detailed instructions to install the emulator. After that, the emulator’s icon will automatically appear on your desktop. Open it, accept the license agreement, and you can start using the emulator.
  • Next up to search for the APUS Browser app with the Google Play Store in the emulator.
  • Once the APUS Browser app shows, click on its icon to open it. When it opens, click on the ‘Download’ bar and allow the browser to download.
  • Now you can open and use the APUS Browser app. After a complete download process, the browser will be on the list of your downloaded apps.

You can try the APK download method. The method still involves the use of the BlueStacks emulator. So, download BlueStacks with the above download step.

  • The first step for this method is searching for APUS Browser on your PC browser, selecting the APK file, and downloading it.
  • Next, open BlueStacks and then the menu tab at the top. Choose ‘Upload,’ select the APK file from the location you saved it, and upload it. Then let it download to the emulator.
  • The ultimate step is to open and use the APUS Browser app. Open My Apps and open the APUS Browser app.

2. How to Download with Nox Player

Nox App Player is a good emulator that allows the use of android apps on PCs. The App Player promotes an effortless and free download of Android-supported applications.

How to download with Nox Player

Steps to Download APUS Browser using Nox App Player

  • To download the Nox App Player on your PC, go to the official website of the App Player. Then, click on download and allow the process to complete.
  • The second step is the installation and opening process. Follow the instructions and install the App Player. Accept the license agreement of the app to use it.
  • Open the Google Play Store in the App Player. Register it with your Google Account ID and password.
  • Next, click on the search bar in the Play Store, search for the APUS Browser app and select the app. Click on download and download the app.
  • When the download and installation process of the APUS Browser app is complete, you can start using it with Nox App Player.

Try the APK download method. The method needs an emulator. Download and install Nox App Player on your PC first.

  • The first step to download the APUS Browser app through the APK method is to download the APK file of the app. Make sure you save it in a location where you can find it easily on your PC.
  • The second step is to upload the file on the App Player. Upload the APK file from the location you saved it and let it download.
  • After the browser has downloaded, it saves on your downloaded app list in the emulator. Open the Nox App Player and the app list. Select and launch the APUS Browser.

Other Alternative Apps to APUS Browser

1. Mint Browser

The Mint Browser app is one best android web browsers. It is fast, and it protects your privacy. The security in the app is tight. It only requires a space as little as 10MB to stay in your device.

Mint Browser

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2. Mi Browser Pro

The Mi Browser app is a secure web browser for smart devices. It is fast and takes your privacy and satisfaction as a top priority. You can browse the web, download videos, apps, games, and even shop online with the app. Now there is a feature that lets you download photos and videos from social media.

Mi Browser Pro

3. Maxthon Browser

The Maxthon Browser app is a mobile web browser app. The app has features to help you save data. With the app, you can save anything to read them offline. The creators of the app made it just for mobile devices.

Maxthon Browser

Frequently Asked Questions

Is APUS Chinese?

Tao Li founded the APUS Group in June 2014. It is a Chinese technology company that specializes in the development of Android. Also, they specialize in information services.

Is APUS Browser safe?

Since the inception of the APUS Browser app, it has gotten over 10 million installations. All users of the app are happy users, as the app gives them the top browsing experience. The app is safe for use.

What is APUS Browser used for?

APUS Browser is used to browse the web. It has all the features that a modern browser needs to have. It has a few more for an extra enjoyable experience.


The APUS Browser is a free mobile app for surfing the internet. It lets its users browse through web pages safely. Also, it is fast for video downloads and other online activities.

Users can download the APUS Brower for PC using android emulators, such as BlueStacks emulator and Nox App Player.

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