8 Best Anonymous Text Apps For Android And iOS Of 2023

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For securing identity while communicating, there is nothing better than an anonymous app. Because in digital communication being anonymous many times is merely essential. It is one of the effective ways to keep your privacy intact. Being anonymous also helps protect you and your data.

Now, there are a considerable number of such apps available. They differ in terms of features and other various aspects. So, finding one you that suits your needs the most can be a little draggy. You may find yourself attaching more jumble to your Phone for the most part.

Hence, to ease your search and remove all the hassles, we have a shortlist to offer. That will narrow down the search and help to find precisely the one you need. So, without further ado, let’s get started and check out the best anonymous text apps for Android.

8 Anonymous Text Apps for Android reviews 2021

There are so many such apps to choose from. That can be a little engulfing. So here are the 8 best apps for you in brief below,


1. Text Me [Text Free, Call Free, Second Phone Number]

Are you looking for an app that lets you send Text anonymously? What if I tell you that you will not only be able to text but can call also? Wouldn’t that be great? Yes, it certainly would. Well, that’s not all! You can do it all for free, especially to the U.S. and Canada. Great, right? But wait, there is more! Yes, to your wonder, the most exciting part is, you get a whole new phone number! Yes, like an actual number. As you already guessed, I am talking about Text Me, the first app in our list.

1 Text Me

With over ten million downloads, it is one of the most popular apps in its category worldwide. Along with the U.S. and Canada, there are almost 200 countries where SMS & Calls are free. However, some specific territories might not support it within those countries. Yet you can buy low-cost Text Me credits for those. Apart from that, you get all the benefits of a second (private/public) phone number from Text Me. In your Phone, it also enables you to lock all your communications texts, SMSs, calls, and history.

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Text Me Features:

  • Unlimited regular or anonymous free text messaging, calls, and group chats.
  • It allows you to have a second line or number.
  • Cheap or free international calls within 200 countries and territories.

2. FreeTone [Free Calls & Texting]

Another free app that lets you send Text anonymously is FreeTone. You not only can send a text but also can call as well. Unlimited Text and calls to any phone numbers in Canada and the U.S. The most exciting part is getting a free new number. Besides, you get it with voice mail and other services that a name should have. You can sign up with FreeTone using your mail address.

2 FreeTone Free Calls & Texting

As well as, you can use it in Google or your social media account (e. g. Facebook ). Moreover, the app supports group messaging and content sharing too. Also, its ultra-clear voice and H.D. video calling will amaze you. Also, it provides easy access to all your devices. Along with the U.S. and Canada, it offers free or cheap texting to 40 more countries. It is almost identical to Text Me, with only less international reach.

FreeTone Features:

  • Provides unlimited regular or anonymous free Text, voice, or video calling.
  • It provides you with a second phone number with voicemail.
  • Cheap or free international calls within 40 countries and territories.

3. Yumi [Anonymous Chat App]

The third app on our list is Yumi. Not precisely a texting app, but you can use it anonymously. It lets you meet new people but with the option of meeting anonymously. You don’t virtually need to submit any information to use this app. You can use it simply to find a potential match here. You do not even need to set a profile picture for your account. Virtually there can be nothing that can profile you in this app.

3 Yumi

Though Yumi does not require any user information but still can be uploaded. You can use Yumi’s built-in photo editor to cover or blur your photo. One other feature of it is finding local people but anonymously. You can just flip your card and get your match. Else get into a random chat or simply have a good time. Everything is completely free. So, whoever you are, you can express yourself here.

Yumi Features:

  • Provides anonymous communications with new friends.
  • Enables you to find people with mutual match locally.
  • Free of cost, and you are to express yourself as you like.

4. Dingtone [Free phone calls, free texting SMS on free number]

With Dingtone, the fourth app on our list, calls are free or very affordable in rate. Yet the quality of service is at the highest. With this very user-friendly app, communication becomes super simple. It provides you with a real U.S. number with local area code. You can also choose a number from countries like Canada, UK, Australia, and more. Therefore, now you can have your second or even third line virtually with no additional SIM cards. You can connect with any mobile or landline numbers locally or internationally.

4 Free phone calls, free texting SMS on free number

You can connect with your peers regardless if Dingtone is installed or not on their device. If installed, then everything is free of charge. However, if not, you can connect in over 200 countries or regions mostly free or at a super affordable rate. You also can have your caller I.D. and can use it as a Walkie-Talkie. Last but not least, you can have up to 8 people group calls and 100+ group messaging.

Dingtone Features:

  • It enables you to have a second or third number with local area code.
  • Cheap or free international calls support over 200 countries and territories.
  • Dingtone provides high quality, unlimited free Text, voice, and video calling.

5. ImNot.Me [Anonymous texting]

Are you looking for a truly private texting app? ‘ImNot.Me’ might be worth checking. It enables you to send an anonymous text through SMS. Moreover, your recipient doesn’t need to have the app installed. You can report any illegal activities or crimes to the appropriate authorities. Likewise, report any fraud to management. All without revealing your identity. It is entirely safe as it is anonymous and private. Another cool part is that they have a reliable support team to assist you.

5 ImNot

In addition to that, you can set a specific schedule to send text messages later. ‘ImNot.Me‘ will send the message at the specified time and notify you as well. Not only the notification, but you also can check local message history. The app also provides you with message templates and examples. You can choose those to write the perfect message. Upon installation, you will have free credits and use them to send a text. Then, later on, you may buy or get credits again for free.

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ImNot.Me Features:

  • It provides complete privacy and anonymity.
  • Local and international Text messaging through SMS.
  • Scheduled texting with a delivery report, message history checking, and more.

6. Silent Phone [Secure Calling & Messaging]

Silent Phone offers both personal and enterprise-level secure communication. It is owned by a Swiss company called Silent Circle. They provide faster and better service using their secure servers. Silent Phone enables you to have calls that follow peer-to-peer encryption. Thus, your messaging, secure video and file sharing remain entirely private. It is why they are trusted by governments and business entities alike all over the world. Silent Phone’s ‘Zero-Touch’ functional deployment makes it merely effortless to use.

6 Silent Phone - Secure Calling & Messaging

For enterprise use in-house and remote support & training are available. Moreover, it supports high-definition, clear, and secure conference calling. In an alternative to unsecured voicemails, Silent Phone has secured voice memos. In general, it is usable only by members internally. However, by upgrading to Silent World you can have secure non-members communication too. Last but not least, you can have your text messages self-destructed automatically. It takes privacy and security to one step further.

Silent Phone Features:

  • Provides personal and enterprise-level private and secure communication.
  • ‘Zero-Touch’ easy deployment and user training support.
  • Secure file sharing and self-destruct private messaging.

7. Conversations [Jabber / XMPP]

‘Conversations’ is a simply nice-in-design Jabber/XMPP based messaging app on our list. It is free and an open-source app for Android. With its e2e encryption, Conversations works on protocols that are well established. In addition to that, the app provides encrypted audio and video calls. Also, it has built-in image and group chat functionality. All these functionalities work without sacrificing any privacy or security. Besides, you can synchronize all your data with the desktop client.

7 Conversations (Jabber XMPP)

Conversations are also easy going on your device’s battery compared to many other apps. Now, about the XMPP servers, you can choose either a free or the paid conversations.im server. After a six month free trial, you will be charged 8 Euro or about 9 dollars for the conversations.im. You need to get an account and login for that too. On the other hand, you do not need to pay for the voluntary free ones.

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Conversations Features:

  • Provides end to end encryption with high-end security and complete privacy.
  • An intuitive user interface that complies with the Android design principles.
  • Open source and XMPP or JABBER based functional communication.

8. Threema [Communities and Chats]

The last and final app in our list of best anonymous text app for Android is Threema. It offers you trust in full compliance with the European privacy legislation. Hence, it became one of the most popular secure instant messengers around the world. Its availability on the desktop, along with the web, made it more accessible. This state-of-the-art app is designed for proper anonymity and privacy. So much so that you do not even need to register. You can use it only by a user id and a Q.R. code related to that id.

8 Threema

These id and code are generated automatically when you open the app for the first time. In addition to that, Threema barely makes any data while you communicate. Whatever you do like Text or e2e encrypted calls even share files, nothing is saved in Threema’s server. Everything is saved instead of end devices. On top of that, each message and anything else gets deleted in between. You can also share your location and create groups having up to 50 members.

Threema Features:

  • Three provides the highest level of state-of-the-art anonymity and privacy.
  • End-to-end texting, calling, sharing media files, and location.
  • End device data storing and no need for user registration.


In terms of privacy, the security of personal data, anonymity is always essential. The instant messaging apps that we use in general are not designed for that. Instead, they are intended for more openness and to increase personal interactions. Therefore, it’s only logical to use a separate app designed for anonymity. Most of these apps on our list of best anonymous text apps for Android are free of cost. Yet, for some, you might need to pay a little.

Then again, it might very well be worth it at the end. For your valuable personal or enterprise data, it’s a very reasonable cost to pay. We certainly hope that the list above has been helpful. At the same time, we always appreciate it if you have any thoughts to share. Please feel free to leave it below. Remember, being secure, it always comes down to you as a user. On what you use? And the way you choose to use it?

So, be careful! Stay safe, and stay connected!

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