Install Animal Crossing (New Horizons) For PC 2022 (Windows & Mac)

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Animal Crossing (New Horizons) for PC is a game intended for the Nintendo users at first. But I’m gonna show you a trick for installing it on your PC as well. It is a wonderful game in which you can create your own place on an Island, hunt for insects at down, decorate the place as you want, and many more.

Animal Crossing lets you show off your Island to your kin and also lets you see their islands. You can meet with charming animals on the way and Tom Nook and Isabelle will lend their help to you. Enjoy a gateway to your own island. Install Animal Crossing on your PC now. 

Why Choose Animal Crossing for PC?

Animal Crossing(New Horizons) lets you be in a place of peace and reliefs you from the workload or distress. You can be your own boss and play with family and friends. Explore the new horizons as you gradually build your own paradise. 

Animal Crossing (New Horizons) for PC

In the game, the island has all the wealth of natural resources for you. You can use them to craft everything from houses, tents, roads, etc. You can hunt for insects during the dawn, decorate your island at day time, and enjoy the sunset. Just use the steps to install Animal Crossing for your PC.

Benefits of Animal Crossing for PC

Animal Crossing is a widely popular game among your friends. Benefits of Animal Crossing(New Horizons) are:

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  • Be More popular among your family and friends.
  • Make your own paradise island and enjoy it however you like.
  • You have to power of building your own community starting from scratch.
  • You can collect materials to make all sorts of tools.
  • Enjoy the seasons’ change and match it with your real life.

Features of Animal Crossing for PC

Animal Crossing(New Horizons) has a lot of cool features that no game has. You can play the game and never get boarded playing it. It’s not addictive but tons of fun. Features of Animal Crossing(New Horizons) include:

Customize the game:

You have the feature of making everything happen from scratch. The island has all the natural wealth you need to do so.

Season Change:

Season or the weather tends to change just like in the real world. You can enjoy the Spring, Summer, winter, and more.

Island comparison:

You can showoff your island to anyone and also enjoy seeing their island. You can make better changes to your Island after seeing others in the play.

Exploring the island:

You can get to know the residents of the island, hunt or food, fossils, fish, and many more. Pass your time with family and friends or wonder in the game alone. 

Multiplayer Function:

You can play with a total of 4 friends at a time. There is an online section in which you can have fun with 8 players as well.

Tips on the Animal crossing for pc download

This is where it gets a little tricky. This game is basically a Nintendo game. There is a hack by which you can download and run this game on your PC. It is only available for Windows users for now. So to install it, you will need some files.

Required files:

Product keys: 

The product keys file can be obtained from your Nintendo switch by using the homebrew Integra RCM. You can also search for the Product Key on the internet. But the files will be pirated and that’s why we can not share the files for you.

Animal Crossing Custom Build:

The link of the Custom Build is given  

You can also use the Experimental New Animal Crossing Build. Its graphics have more developed. but it is less stable. The link is

OpenAL Installer:

Download the OpenAL Installer from… 


Alternate Save link (If the above link expires)

How to install Animal Crossing for windows PC

To install Animal Crossing (New Crossing) for windows you would need the Ryujinx – Nintendo Switch Emulator. As you have guessed, it is a Nintendo Switch Emulator for your Windows PC. It will let you install and run the game.

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Animal Crossing (New Horizons) for mac

Steps of Installing:

Installing the Product Keys

Step1: Extract all the files with 7zip or anything similar. After downloading it from the above links and paste them on to your home screen or anywhere else. 

Step2: Install the OperAL. This is important for correct rendering all your games on the emulator. 

Step3: Now we have to install the Ryujinx.exe from the  Animal Crossing Custom build file.

Step4: Now open the Ryujinx software. Go to Files. 

Step5: Then to Open Ryujinx folder. 

Step6: Go to the system folder. Now just paste the Product keys you have acquired.

Now the Product Keys is installed. Now close the software. 

Installation of Firmware

Now we need to install the firmware. The best was it to install it from an X-CIA. An X-CIA is just a game file dumped from a game cart. You need firmware of at least  5.10.0. The link is

The steps of installing the firmware are:

Step1: Open the Ryujinx software. 

Step2: Go to Tools and then Install Firmware from X-CIA. 

Step3: Navigate to the location you have download the x-CIA and install it. 

The firmware will be installed.

Installation of Animal Crossing (New Horizon)

This step will not work if you did not do the first part.

Download the Animal Crossing Nintendo file from Google. You must download X-CIA or NSP.

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Step1: Now after installing the firmware, go-to options. 

Step2: Change the time zone and everything else as you like.

Step3: You need to add your game directory. Browse to Animal Crossing Nintendo file you have downloaded. 

Now you are ready to play.


What can you play Animal Crossing on?

Animal Crossing is a kind of Nintendo platform game. But with this hack, you can use it on your PC as well. It is only available for windows at the moment.


Animal Crossing(New Horizons) for PC is one of the most popular games you can come across. You can customize everything and turn your imagination to reality. You can enjoy it with friends and pass your time having a lot of fun. Hope this installation process helped you. Have a nice time playing. 

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