Amcrest View Pro For PC – Use On Windows 10/8/7 And Mac

Amcrest View Pro For Mac
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Amcrest view pro is a great android application that allows you to see what is happening through your mobile camera. It has an amazing interface that is easy to run on your mobile platform. Since it has been increasing its popularity for mobile users now they want Amcrest view pro for pc. If you come to know how to download and install it for your computer then you came to the right place. So let’s jump straight to the topic below and let you know.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Amcrest View Pro For Pc

Nowadays everyone needs a security webcam inside of their houses for so many reasons of course.

Suppose you are out of the house and your baby is alone there. You are worried about him/her cause he/she is only one and a half years old. You can’t make a call and talk to know what he/she is doing.

But with the help of Amcrest view pro, internet connection and your hardware you can spectate him/her from anywhere in realtime.

Amcrest View Pro For PC

Everyone loves having pets in their house and most of them having one or more these days. But they can’t bring their pets with them most of the time.

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James, my best friend has two puppies.  They are very cute and playful. Whenever I visit his house I used to play with them.

After having these puppies James often lost his stuff. Sometimes he founds that lost stuff in the garden or under the bed or here and there.

He decided to use Amcrest view pro in his house to know who is the culprit and guess what, it was jimmy and jerry his loving pets.

Like my friend James, there are so many people who get benefited after using Amcrest view pro.

So, if you are out of your house and you want to know what is happening there you can use Amcrest view pro to see the current situation in realtime.

Features & Apk Amcrest View Pro For Pc

Here are some of the distinguishable features of Amcrest view pro that all gonna blow your mind. Amcrest view pro has a lot of astonishing features that will blow your mind. These are:

  • You can upload your videoes to Dropbox, FTP, SFTP and Email with the help of Filoader plugin.
  • Video recording is possible in WebM, MKV, MOV or MPEG4 formats.
  • A few web renderers are available like Flash, Javascript, and built-in.
  • The audio can be streamed in opus, AAC, and wav.
  • On the video overlay, you will be able to check the battery level, time and date.
  • With the help of motion detection and sound trigger, Amcrest view pro will record videoes in your absence when there is an intruder in your empty house. More cases can be triggered by tasker integration in the pro version.
  • It also supports video chat
  • Sensor data acquisition is an impressive feature. It can be done with online web graphing.
  • motion detection, sound detection, and night vision will help you to monitor baby and pet even better.

What Are The Upcoming Features Amcrest View Pro For Pc

There some great features are on the way and those will be exclusive for you, what are they? Let’s have a look at them here:

  • Amcrest view pro will send you cloud push notifications on motion and sound.
  • Cloud recording for motion-triggered records is available.
  • Online video broadcasting brought to you by Ivideon.

How To Download And Install Amcrest View Pro For Pc (Windows and Mac)

Amcrest view pro is an android based application but you can also run it on your pc. The APK file size is 22 MB and the operating system it requires is Windows 7/8/10.

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Amcrest View Pro For Windows

Here is the installation process :

  • Since it’s not a window based application you cant install and run it on your pc as you do with window-based applications. So what you first need is an android emulator. You will find so many android emulators on the internet, download and install one of them.
  • After installing the android emulator open it and go to google play store. Now sign in with your Gmail account and search for Amcrest view pro on the search box. If you don’t have a Gmail account then sign up.
  • Now download and install Amcrest view pro. After the installation clicks on the Amcrest view pro icon and opens it.
  • You can also download the Amcrest view pro APK file from any other trusted website and install it manually on your emulator. But downloading and installing it automatically from google play store is recommended.



So, now you know how to download and install the Amcrest view pro for pc. I hope you have got all the information you need about this fantastic application and able to use it on your pc. So many people are using this application, why don’t you? Use Amcrest view pro and get benefited. If you have any questions feel free to ask through a comment and we will reply to you asap.

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